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10 Best Sunglasses for Women You Should Not Miss

No matter what the season is, sunglasses for women will always be a staple. It can no longer be a trend considering how every woman has a pair of sunglasses in her bag at any and all times of the year. But if there’s one thing that changes, it’s what is deemed as the IT sunglasses and this is usually dictated by the stars in Hollywood. Celebrity sunglasses will always be the main guideline. No matter what style the pair may come in, as long as a celebrity is seen wearing them, it’s the next trend.

Some of the most famous sunglasses for women in modern history include some rather interesting style choices by renowned rapper, Kanye West. The rapper is definitely not someone you would expect to set a trend in the world of celebrity sunglasses especially since his choices have been featured in lists entitled best sunglasses for women.

Kim Kardashian celebrity sunglasses for women

The reason why Kanye West’s sunglasses style choices have become so famous is that of his equally famous wife, the leader of reality show business’s first family, Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian is best known from her reality show called Keeping Up with the Kardashians which revolves around the daily lives of the Kardashian family. Since their rise to fame, they have set trends in just about every department of the fashion industry and most lately in sunglasses for women. So here is a list of the Top 10 Best Sunglasses for Women To Look Like a Celebrity.


Latest Sunglasses Trends

But before that, you might be wondering why you’ve yet again found yourself reading articles about celebrities and something that will make you want to shop again just to stay updated with the sunglasses trends of 2018. Here are a few good reasons why you should consider buying a few new sunglasses to add to your growing collection of old pieces from the sunglasses trends of 2017.

  • UV Protection Sunglasses

Admittedly, sunglasses for men and women vary in color, shape, and size. But sunglasses brands make sure that each of the styles they come out with won’t make you second guess that it is indeed one of the best sunglasses brands. Many high-end brands have ensured that they only make UV protection sunglasses. Through this innovation, your eyes are protected not only from the glare of the sun but also from the UV rays that are invisible to the naked eye. Here is how UV protection sunglasses work.

how UV protection sunglasses work

  • Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses

Other brands provide their customers with polarized sunglasses. These polarized lenses make sure that your eyes do not suffer from the bright light of the sun or the blinding white of the snow on large plain fields or on mountainous trails. If you’ve ever googled polarized sunglasses meaning and never got the answer you were looking for, then you’re in for a treat.

Polarized vs Non Polarized Sunglasses

The benefits of polarized sunglasses include a reduction of discomfort for your eyes when looking at surfaces with bright colors such as a sheet of snow, or a reflective surface such as glass. You will notice that some polarized sunglasses are darker than the others and that they come in a wide variety of colors. They do so to provide you with the glare protection that you need. When it comes to choosing between polarized vs non polarized sunglasses, all you have to do is to think about how you intend to use the sunglasses.

Now that you have a better idea of what to get to keep up with the sunglasses trends of 2018, let’s get started!


Reviews of The 10 Best Sunglasses for Women



Top 10

Kate Spade Women’s Annora/PS ANNORPS Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses

This is an oversized pair that sells at an affordable price. The frame size is perfect for hiding those tired eyes and dark circles from having too much fun last night or doing too much work! A true boss lady’s choice!

Kate Spade Women's Annora/PS ANNORPS Polarized Rectangular Sunglasses









Top 9

Michael Kors Women’s 0MK2024

Sunglasses for women have never looked better at the price point of less than a hundred US dollars! This pair comes in black with gold accents. Celebrity sunglasses is what it screams!

Michael Kors Women's 0MK2024









Top 8

Versace Women’s Sunglasses (VE4303) Acetate

At more than double the price of the two previous best sunglasses for women on our list, this polarized sunglasses pair comes in black and gold too. It is the right pair to wear to make a lasting first impression.

Versace Women's Sunglasses (VE4303) Acetate









Top 7

Calvin Klein Women’s R731S Cat-eye Sunglasses

This classic cat-eye celebrity sunglasses style can be seen on timelessly chic stars. This should be your go-to pair for everyday use. The black and silver pair is perfect to wear in pictures.

best sunglasses for women










Top 6

Gucci Women’s GG0076S Fashion Sunglasses 60mm

This is a non polarized pair that comes with a tortoiseshell frame. The lenses are brown and are great for midday use. Yet the beautiful flattering oversized design can still make you look extremely stylish.

best women's sunglasses










Top 5

Calvin Klein Women’s R711S Cat-eye Sunglasses

A unique colorway, this affordable yet stylish pair comes in a plastic, see-through frame in the shade of pink champagne. It is both sweet and charming to look at. A pair for young girls and women young at heart.

best polarized sunglasses for women










Top 4

Tory Burch Women’s 0TY7059 Sunglasses

This popular pair has been seen on celebrities across Hollywood. The luxury women’s sunglasses are made for people who want to keep their identity a mystery with the oversized frames and dark lenses to match.

uv protection sunglasses










Top 3

Kate Spade New York Angelique Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Appropriately named, the pair comes in black frames with white accents. It is a pair seen gracing some of pop culture’s most popular icons. Its appearance is both sexy and sophisticated.

best sunglasses for women











Top 2

Christian Dior DioramaMini Sunglasses Palladium w/Grey Blue Lens

This unique pair of sunglasses for women is seen only on Hollywood’s A-list. The pair comes in at around 200USD, the most expensive pair on the list. It comes in a strong gray and silver material that will surely get people talking.

best celebrity sunglasses for women









Top 1

Ray-Ban Womens Sunglasses Nylon

The non polarized pair comes in at top 1 for best value. At only around 70USD the pair comes in the most unique yet wearable colorway. The dark violet pair compliments wearers of any age and will go with just about any outfit you wish to wear, which makes it the best sunglasses for women.

best sunglasses for women










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