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10 Ways to Make Glitter Roots Your New Hairstyle Goals

In the previous years were crown braids and this year is anything that includes glitter. With more than 25,000 posts on Instagram from the hashtag, #glitterroots, it would be shame to not to give this current and highly hyped trend in hair a try to the point that we simply can’t get enough of it that posting on social media with hair glitter is more rational rather than any other hairstyle as of the moment. Here are the 10 ways to make glitter roots your new hairstyle goals.


10 Glitter Roots Ways & Best Hair Glitter Products Reviewed




Everything looks good with sparkles.

A lady in a full sequin dress on New Year’s Eve, an engagement that shimmers, a cool nail art with gemstones, a statement necklace, you name it! Sparkles make simple things look better than they actually do. We see the occurring maximalist trend in fashion, it is time to take it up a notch and put it on our hair!

*Cosmetic Glitter For Face, Body and Hair Chunky Silver Holographic Glitter Mix – Includes Long Lasting Fix Gel So You Can

Cosmetic Glitter For Hair, Face, and Body













Putting on glitter hair roots is easy to do.

Well, it’s not actually like a walk in the park, but it’s much easier than other beauty trends where skill is involved. You just simply have to make a middle part through brushing then put on some hairspray on the root part, and sprinkle the sparkles while the hairspray is still wet.

*Glitter My World! Craft Glitter: 1 Pound Jar: Root Beer Brown

Glitter My World! Craft Glitter













Glitter hair roots aren’t just for music festivals, you can actually do it as you please.

Women in hair glitter gel debuted in the most recent music festivals all over the world. These are women who are not afraid to try out new things and make eccentric sartorial choices, even if it’s for your hair. You may opt for glitter hair when you attend a fashion event or on a Friday night out with your girlfriends. With this, your hair will shine through when your hair hits the light. Talk about feeling like you’re in cloud nine.

*40″ Sparkling Hair Tinsel 100 Strands (Stellar Midnight Black) by La Demoiselle

Sparkling Hair Tinsel 100 Strands












You can do sparkles and be a true bona fide unicorn

It was once a dream for young kids to be a unicorn. While that’s genetically impossible, you can actually be a unicorn in a different way: with glitter roots hair. The best thing about this is how they’re temporary unlike hair dyeing (though we love a woman who is brave enough to rock rainbow locks).

*Who’s That Girl? Glitter Roots, Mermaid Sparkle

Who's That Girl? Glitter Roots, Mermaid Sparkle












Hair glitter spray won’t ruin your hair

I know that you are sometimes afraid to try something new for your hair since, as much as possible, you would want to avoid getting it damaged by too much ironing, curling, and dying. This ongoing trend won’t actually ruin your hair because they are temporary. Just make sure you wash your hair after a long night of partying to great music!

*Sexy Hair Fun Sexy Hair Glow Getter Root Glitter Gel – 1.7oz

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Even if they’re hyped on Instagram, they’re still a bold and unexpected choice.

Who would have thought someone will go out in a simple little black dress, a pair of killer stilettos, and a sparkling hair to make all the difference? Truly, making it a sartorial choice is something not everyone will consider. Other women would think it takes a lot of time just to put everything together, but what they don’t know won’t hurt you.

*Festival Glitter Rave (UV Reactive) by Art Factory

Festival Glitter Rave (UV Reactive)











Do this if you want to be the center of attention.

We all clamor to be the center of attention once in a while. It’s not a selfish thing to do and it truly does not hurt to be noticed because you deserve it.

*Uniglitter – Glitter Gel Holographic Silver

Uniglitter - Glitter Gel Holographic Silver











Aside from your hair, you can actually add more glitter on your face.

Again, anything sparkly won’t hurt anyone. They make a strong statement and it makes a bland day turn into a glittery one. Simply have a sparkling day ahead! Just make sure you don’t do it in the workplace.

*Uniglitter – Glitter Gel Holographic Silver Festival Glitter Makeup

Uniglitter - Glitter Gel Holographic Silver Festival Glitter Makeup













Beyonce has done and so can you.

Women must support other women. When Beyonce said to the left, you go to the left. And when she rocks glitter locks, you go for it! Glitter roots can be done in different ways. It can be an explosion of color or can just make a subtle change with this kind of glittery strands.

*Inaly 310 Strands Holographic Sparkle Hair Tinsel Extensions Dazzles 48″ Shiny Rainbow Glitter Highlights Party

Inaly 310 Strands Holographic Sparkle Hair Tinsel Extensions












WAY 10

They’re not just exclusive for women, men can sport this look to.

Trends are getting more androgynous nowadays. There are men who make this current trend in hair their thing in some of the Instagram posts when you search #GlitterRoots. They are non-gender conforming and they’re too trendy to pass on. Again, anything that says glitter is a great idea!



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