3 Celebrities Who Excel With Understated Beauty Efforts

When we look to celebrities for beauty and style inspirations, we often gravitate naturally to the ones who command the biggest spotlights. That might mean Charlize Theron for style given that she’s renowned for her impeccable taste, or Kim Kardashian for makeup and beauty tips given her otherworldly fame in both areas. Case in point, the Kardashian-linked Kylie Jenner just recently became a billionaire primarily by way of her work in makeup. (Debates over the “self-made” label applied to Ms. Jenner are raging online, but for purposes of this conversation her wealth in the beauty category is staggering no matter how it’s labeled!)

In other words, we tend to focus on those who are a little bit louder, more noticeable, or maybe even more over-the-top in their beauty efforts. There’s nothing wrong with this, as they tend to be famous for a reason. At the same time though, they also tend to be harder for us to emulate, and there can be something somewhat refreshing about following the example of a celebrity with more of an understated style.

In this regard, we’d recommend starting with one of these three glamorous, lovely women.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen has a legitimate argument as one of the most universally admired and likable celebrity figures out there. Often referred to as something along the lines of the “Queen of Twitter,” she’s witty, fierce, and enjoyable on social media. She’s known as a talented author and cook as well as a famous model. And of course, her delightful marriage to John Legend has helped establish the two as one of Hollywood’s most refreshing, genuine couples; she even got him packed up for his first day hosting The Voice in a cheesy but oddly adorable video. Teigen, in other words, can do no wrong. On top of it all she’s become something of an icon for body and beauty positivity, largely for sharing unedited post-pregnancy photos to encourage women having children to be secure with themselves, but also for her frequently understated beauty efforts. It
’s not that Teigen doesn’t wear makeup, but she doesn’t tend to go too far with it, and she’s an absolute clinic in the idea of letting your inner beauty and natural radiance shine.

Gal Gadot

Gal Gadot is best known as Wonder Woman these days, and that could actually give people the wrong idea given the character’s somewhat varied history of odd looks. Even in recent years leading up to Gadot’s interpretation, Wonder Woman made a few other pop culture appearances. She featured in DC character-themed slot games, which are primarily available in Europe but have come to the U.S. through New Jersey on casino gaming platforms and thus become fairly visible. The superhero was also relaunched as a comic in both 2011 and 2016. She always looks like some combination of superhero, cowgirl, and circus performer, frankly – but Gadot is both far more and far less than this in her real life. She’s far more in that she is a lovely, stylish woman whose appearance is enviable just about every time her photo is taken. She’s less in that she accomplishes this through fairly simple outfits and straightforward beauty effort
s. She’s another woman who’s wonderful to emulate in this sense.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba has been in the spotlight longer than Gadot or Teigen, and has been thought of by many as one of the most beautiful women in the world for quite some time now. Her acting career began way back in 1994 and has spanned projects and genres, such that she’s become known to a variety of different audiences. And if you, right now, stop to picture her, odds are you have someone fairly glamorous in mind simply because of her reputation for beauty. When you actually look back at photos of Alba, however, or read through interviews and comments in which she’s disclosed style and beauty secrets, you realize there’s not much to it! The actress has relied on little, light touches to enhance the way she naturally looks, and it’s clearly worked wonders for her.

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