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How to Cure Chapped Lips & 5 Best Lip Balm Reviews

I have made the biggest mistake of going out one springtime without protection. Yes, I wore my favorite coat and warmers just to keep me from freezing in the street. I even put on moisturizer all over my body to stay hydrated, but there was one product that ruined my pre-cautious self: I forgot to bring my lip balm.

I went out and my lips were slowly drying due to the cold weather. I went home with chapped lips that day. Because of this, I started searching different ways on how to cure chapped lips as well as the best chapstick for winter and was delighted to see that there are simple solutions and cheap products to prevent it from happening again. With the best lip balm for chapped lips in mind, I looked for different lip balm reviews and saw some commendable lip balm brands who have moisturizing lip balm ingredients cure dry lips.

Along with the solution, I also searched for the best lip balm and a few chapstick brands just so I won’t ever have to encounter that painful lip memory ever again! Here are the top 9 things to do to know how to cure chapped lips:


Tip 1: Stay hydrated because more than 50% of our body is composed of water. It’s common logic that we have to drink water regularly to avoid dehydration or the loss of water in our body. If this happens, you are at risk of diarrhea, urinary tract infection (UTI), vomiting, and other illness. Along with this, dehydration can cause dry lips. You actually need to keep yourself hydrated so your body will stay clean and to keep our organs functioning. Our body is like a car. If you do not gas up, it will not run. If you do not change its oil, it will experience complications.

how to cure chapped lips - drink water

Aside from drinking lots of water, we also suggest you buy the best moisturizing lip balm that will boost the hydration of your lips. Most lip balms are miniature and you can carry it in your pocket everywhere you go.


Tip 2: Only look for the best product for chapped lips. There’s no other product better than a lip balm to protect your lips. If you are looking for the best lip moisturizer balm out there, you may actually go for the best drugstore lip balm that is cheap and handy. However, ensure the products you buy is the best chapstick for chapped lips and not some faux-lip balm with only petroleum inside. Although petroleum can help you with keeping your lips from drying, we do not want you to spend on a product based on false advertising.

The best lip balms right now can be bought online. Which means getting the best care for your lips can be achieved as long as you have the patience to search and add to cart. We also suggest looking for the best lip balm for peeling lips with mint ingredients. The cooling effect of peppermint can ease you from the pain of having dry lips due to cold weather. Furthermore, make sure you do the first step before leaving your house. Water is the solution to being at risk of getting ill. Taking care of your body is actually easy, just drink up!


Tip 3: You should practice breathing through your nose. Research shows that breathing through your mouth can actually cause drying of the lips. Even though you use the best chapstick for dry lips out there, you can still experience dry lips because of environmental factors. Breathing through your nose actually has health benefits. My gym trainer always suggest breather through my nose to have more air while doing a workout.


Tip 4: If you thought licking your lips can help you from dry lips, you are truly mistaken. Saliva evaporates fast and leaving your lips dry and possibly chapped.


Tip 5: Avoid a lip moisturizer with allergens. Allergens are substances that can cause an allergic reaction. Before buying a lip balm, you have to check the label first and see if an ingredient they use can give you allergies. Not only do they make you look red and itchy, but they can also destroy healthy skin causing it to be dry and chapped. Aside from that, here are the following things to consider if you are buying the best chapstick right now:


Tip 6: Some of the best lip balm for dry lips are made from natural ingredients and essential oils. We are talking about natural mints, fruit extracts, other organic products, and hasn’t undergone animal testing. We do not want to hurt innocent animals, right?


Tip 7: The best for chapped lips don’t necessarily have to be expensive. A Vaseline petroleum made for the lips can be as great as a product endorsed by an A-list celebrity. Beauty products are all about complementing your body. If it’s not working for you, just stop using it and purchase a new one. We have a list for that.


Tip 8: Take it from me, best chapsticks are the flavored ones! They’re so good that you won’t stop using them. Aside from its anti lip drying benefits, I guess one important factor is the fact that you will taste something luscious as you go along hydrating your lips with the finest lip balm you own.

how to cure chapped lips - lip balms with luscious flavors


Tip 9: Bring a lip balm wherever you go. I have made the biggest mistake of taking it for granted it once and I won’t be doing the same mistake ever again. A lip balm can be stored in your bag, your pocket, and your pouch. They’re small and tiny and can help your lips stay hydrated. Moreover, we suggest using a lip balm before putting on a lipstick or lip gloss. Some lipsticks can cause dry lips and no one looks good with chapped lips.


Looking good is not an easy feature to live up to. But it can be done if we know how to take care of our lips, body, and selves.



5 Best Lip Balm Reviews



Top 1

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm

Nearly 4,000 reviews with a 4.6 out of 5 star rating, it’s no doubt to top our list of the best lip balms. The reasons why it wins favor of people lies not only in its long-lasting curing, moisturizing, and hydrating effectiveness, but also its extra surprising features: integration with vitamin E, coconut oil and many other ingredients. What’s more, they have many options of various tastes, including peppermint and various types of fruit extract.

best lip balm - Burt's Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm











Top 2

JACK BLACK Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

We rank this lip balm as top 2 not only because it has an overall a thousand reviews plus a 4.4 out of 5 star rating, and yes, but also its long-lasting treatment. And another important reason is its outstanding SPF 25 feature which provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, which you can hardly find in other lip balms. What else could you expect from this amazing lip moisturizer?

best lip balm - JACK BLACK Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25












Top 3

Lip Treatment by Hanalei

Over 800 reviews with 4.4 star-rating, this USA-made lip balm combines the featured Hawaiian kukui nut oil and shea butter to moisturize and rejuvenate dry lips. And its agave and grapeseed oil provide high level of anti-oxidant to sooth and protect lips from harmful radicals. What its customers like it most is its safety of paraben free, phthalate free, and cruelty free.

best lip balm - Lip Treatment by Hanalei











Top 4

NIVEA Moisture Lip Care – Pack of 6

The brand Nivea means a lot – quality and safety. Its over 100 years of experience in this field leaves you no doubt of the treatment of this lip balm. If you are or are not sure if you are allergic to something, this Nivea lip balm should be your most-trustful choice because it’s skin compatibility dermatologically tested.

best lip balm - NIVEA Moisture Lip Care











Top 5

EOS Lip Balm Stick

If moisturizing is not the only value you expect from a lip balm, this product can provide you with an extra surprise – delicious flavors. Yes, there are 3 : pomegranate raspberry, vanilla bean, and sweet mint. Packed with various ingredients that help moisturize lips, it can keep your lips moist, soft and sooth all day long. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about how to cure chapped lips any longer.

best lip balm - EOS Lip Balm Stick










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