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Top 5 Pastel Hair Colors To Try Right Now Without Spending Too Much

I woke up one weekend with a vision: I envisioned myself rocking silver hair like that one photograph of Lady Gaga. So I did my research, saved the said photograph on my phone, and went straight to the salon hoping my pastel hair vision will come to life. I spent more than five hours in the salon that day and my scalp was burning from the numerous bleach they applied on my hair. I paid heftily for their services and ended up having the silver hair I had envisioned. It looked awesome and I was really happy about it. However, all good things come to an end.

After a few weeks, I noticed how the said color started to wash off and I was starting to see bleach blond hair. It was devastating considering the amount of money I spent just to look like that. All frantic and frustrated as I was, I confided to my friend, Google, and researched show that products like overtone hair dye works well but are temporary, just like any other hair color dye in the market. I didn’t want to spend more for another salon treatment which resulted to another research that changed my life completely: pastel hair dye that you can do at home and all by yourself, without seeking the help of a professional.


How To Get Pastel Hair Without Spending Too Much Money


Step One: If you have jet black hair, bleach your hair first

Black is the absence of color and bleaching is the first step to achieve the best pink hair dye ala Katy Perry in her Teenage Dream days. Apply the bleach at least twice and you will get yellow hair. Don’t fret because that’s the usual color after you bleach your hair. Bleaching actually hurt while you’re applying them. Just take it easy with the application and leave it for a specific amount of time. Apply it twice in order for the best pastel hair dye treatment of your choice to stick to your hair. If you want to purchase overtone hair dye, that’s okay since it is one of the best hair color treatment for bleached hair.



Step Two: Use purple shampoo

Purple shampoo balances the yellow tones of your bleached hair, making it blonde and ready for other colors. We also advise using overtone shampoo while your hair is dyed to keep the color intact to your hair. Purple shampoo eliminates or lessens the red and yellow tones of your bleached hair and the result is white hair.



Purple Shampoo by B Uniq

Purple shampoo for best pastel hair color










Step Three: Apply overtone hair color

Getting your inner Katy Perry is actually really easy since the fun and quirky kind of artistic indie hairstyle are not that hard to achieve. All you have to do is find the right overtone color that best compliment your skin tone. Here are different colors to choose from:


pastel pink color

1 Pink hair

If you’ve seen the eighties musical hit Grease, you have lived your life! Remember when Frenchy entered beauty school and dropped out a few weeks after she made her pastel pink hair color instead of another color? She hid it at first with a turban, then revealed it later leaving everyone in shock. Maybe it was taboo that time, but pink hair has been one of the most usual pastel hair colors nowadays like cotton candy.



pastel blue color

2 Pastel blue hair

Blue is a royal color. It represents luxury like a small Tiffany box or a nice blue velvet robe that exudes royalty. If you decide on rocking a pastel blue hair color, it’s like walking that was taken out from a fairytale book. It’s cool and a bit eerie. You can wear it with a nice flouncy dress and finish the styling with a nice metal clutch bag. Sounds cool, right? This kind of pastel color is not common among women who like to maintain a playful hair. Give it a try and you will surely turn heads and in a good way.



pastel unicorn color

3 Unicorn hair

This was a big thing in past music festivals. Almost all partygoers who posted their OOTDs which circulated all over Instagram’s explore page had unicorn hair and it was just a ball of vibrancy. This type of hairstyle is such a standout that you won’t need avant-garde clothes to make an impact. To achieve this look, you need to ask a friend to help you with dyeing your hair. Buy at least three different hair colors, including a gray hue to balance the whole spectrum. We suggest you go with pink, violet, and blue with streaks of gray. Keep the hair colors bright with purple shampoo and pair it with an oversized black tee shirt and worn out boyfriend jeans. Finish the look with nice accessories and you are ready for a night out!



pastel green color

4 Green hair

I have friends who tried green overtone hair color. One was pale white skin while the other was tan. What I like about green is the fact that it’s not restricted to one skin type. Its versatility speaks volume and its impact is impeccable. If you decide on sporting pastel green, you can look like a pistachio. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it can look one if you do not have the right attitude to make it your own. Dyeing your hair is more about individuality first and foremost. You need to have a linear perspective and not mind what others will think about you. It is your hair after all.



pastel rainbow color

5 Rainbow hair

Just like the unicorn hair, rainbow hairstyle were all the rage a few seasons and music festivals past. This is still a trend nowadays since hair color is still evident in runways and on the streets. Since the rainbow hair is a splash of color, the best tip we can give is to not make it look like a clown’s wig. You need to find the right balance of hues that you want to be included in one hairstyle. Remember two is a relationship, but three or more is a crowd.


No matter which pastel hair color you want to apply, you can find the right product easily. And here I recommend the Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner that offers various colors you need for a fancy hairstyle.




Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner

Celeb Luxury Viral Colorditioner for Various Pastel Hair Colors










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