Who We Are

Kislly is a fashion blog that talks about anything related to fashion and trends. On one hand, our blog aims to help make things easier for you to stay cool, beautiful and elegant with trendy fashion. We here review quality yet affordable products from either Amazon and other online stores.  On the other hand, we collect and talk about latest news of fashion events and stars so you can get the first-hand information of fashion. Besides, in Kislly, you can also find useful and practical tricks and tips on how to choose, use and maintain the fashion items you are interested in.


Why and How We Start the Blog

The idea of starting the blog was originally inspired by the TV show – Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Female, you know, always has the pursuit of beauty. You can imagine an encounter of a girl and Victoria’s Secret. And ever since that, I’ve been being asking all kinds of questions like ‘how do you think of this dress, earrings, necklace, makeup, etc’.

To tell the truth, fashion to me years ago, it was just like the alient that I only heard of but knew nothing about it. But looking at the models in the fashion show, you don’t have any excuse to stay out of date of fashion, or at least, beauty. That’s how I got into fashion. And the more I read and learned about fashion, the more necessary I think I should share something with others.

It is not a problem to choose an outfit, but what you choose defines you and your appearance. Therefore, choosing the right ‘weapon’ can add charm and elegance to you. Yet most of us have difficulty in choosing the suitable items, and that’s why we start Kislly, hoping to help you make easy choices and dress up appropriately for different occasions.



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