10 Best Elevator Shoes Different Types of Height Increasing Shoes

The shoes were originally created to protect our feet, but with the development of social economy and the progress of human spiritual civilization, the shoes is not only a protector of our feet, but also a symbol of personality and social status. Therefore , to meet our request of being taller, the smart shoes designer create a magic shoes-elevator shoes,also known as lift shoes ,or height increasing shoes,which can increase your height to a few inches instantly in an easy and safe way. It is a really great option for the people who has a strong desire to be taller in some occasions.

When we are looking for a shoes, its quality,design, comfort and price will be taken into consideration. On elevator shoes market, only very few companies can make these all features into one. But there is a great brand,, who can make it well. The insole materials is important for elevator shoes. Their elevator shoes use a full Length Polyether Increasing Layer that will not collapse under the weight of the wearer. Other manufacturers (90 percent of elevator shoes ) use ethylene-vinyl acetate foam, which will squash down after a few days, making the shoes less comfortable and the wearer lose the height boost.

Furthermore,they will make you feel more comfortable and healthy,even correct your posture when you are wearing them. The principle design of the shoes using “human physiology mechanics”,it also complements with a curve to best fit the foot by using scientific design by increasing layers.

Any responsible man across the globe needs knowledge about the power of footwear. They can make or break an outfit. They can even ruin your day once you start wearing shoes of low quality. But what about shoes for short men who want to look tall? It may sound impossible but it is not. Let me tell you this: shoes, whether you are a Samson or a Goliath can be worn if you know the type you should wear and I’m talking about elevator shoes. Here are the seven different types of height boosting shoes you should own right now:

1.Oxford shoes

This is probably the most common type of height boosting shoes being sold in the market right now. An Oxford shoe is a bonafide superstar amongst celebrities who attend the red carpet. The design exudes London style of fashion and the men all over the world whether elevator shoes for men UK or elevator shoes Ireland and even the stylish island of taller shoes Singapore have incorporated oxford shoes in their lifestyle. You can wear them at the office and even of casual days sporting a plain crew neck shirt and worn out skin tight jeans. The power this specific type of shoes upholds has been tested throughout the time.

If you are not blessed with height, we suggest you take a chance on elevator shoes so you can get the elevation you want for yourself. Don’t worry since elevator shoes are designed to fool the eyes of the public. Only you know about the lifts and it is hidden from everyone else. Visit elevator shoe brands such as Brands Shoes and behold what we are talking about.

2.Elevator Sneakers

Since the early 2000s, sneakers have been a fixture in fashion. Luxury brands have been reinventing and redesigning different sneakers to sell to their customers. We, the buying public, can’t get enough of them. Any design that caught our attention can be paired even with the most complex of sartorial choices. We love them. Sadly, not all sneakers can cater to short men problems. It is time for you to get taller shoes meant for your size. Elevator sneakers have been dominating the market recently because we all want that extra height.

The trend recently is all about the chunky soles that every fashion guy has been sporting in the streets. Gladly, elevator shoes have been on board with this type of shoe game since its inception. If you want additional height, just go get yourself a pair of trendy sneakers that can compete with any other brands, design, and quality wise. Since multicolored shoes have been the It style recently, go get yourself tall shoes for short men that can give you at least a minimum of two inches in additional height and even five inches at a maximum. If you are the type of guy who likes to keep it clean and crisp, go for white sneakers and pair the rest of your look with khaki chino pants and a fitted polo shirt.


Sandals have been making waves in fashion for the past years and for obvious reasons — they are stylish and they exude a certain level of fashion that not many men can pull off. Did you know that there are also sandals with lifts? Yes, and they are as stylish as any other sandals in the market right now. More so that sandals are styled to fit the personality of the person wearing them. Most of the designs right now are strappy and made from different types of material. Those mountain sandals that are not as fashionable as the leather ones are not reinvented to create a normcore look most men go for. You can pair those height enhancing shoes with a pair of linen shorts, a parka, and a bucket hat. You may even opt for long socks just to add another flair in your style.

4.Activewear shoes

You read that right. Activewear shoes can also be height increasing elevator shoes. If you check the Brands Shoes website, you will see an array of stylish and functional activewear shoes that you can wear both while working out or while grocery shopping. Activewear shoes are so in fashion right now since most designs have been about the unexpected, and yet it works kind of matching.

5.Dress shoes

If you think of height enhancers, Tom Cruise elevator shoes will always come to mind. He is somewhat the face of elevator shoes since it is known that he likes to wear them on various occasions. This A-list Hollywood actor has been spotted entering the red carpet wearing height enhancing dress shoes to look tall and sharp in his chosen suit.


Whenever you feel like dressing down but still want to look cool, there’s no other way to do it than with boots. Biker boots, Chelsea boots, and other boots can really elevate your fashion game. They’re cool enough to make a simple all-black outfit standout. Furthermore, they can really create a level of sophistication especially if you style it with cool sunglasses. More so if you start wearing boots with additional lifts. Imagine an all-black outfit with a pair of suede boots with an additional three inches in height and finish everything with a nice army jacket? Sounds fun, right?


If you are looking for ease and class, loafers are the biggest player in the shoe department. They always look nice on everyone and they are handy since they are slip on. Personally, I am also floored by the true beauty of loafers. The designs vary from suede to leather and even canvas. Moreover, loafers are a style staple for every sartorial man. You can’t deny the fact that the architecture of loafers is a classic and can vstanvvd throughout the years and it will never go out of style.

Now,Let Me Show You Their 10 Best Elevator Shoes.

1.CHAMARIPA – Patent Leather Tuxedo Dress Lace Shoes Elevator Shoes 2.76” Taller

This is an elegant Tuxedo Shoes made of calfskin upper , pigskin lining and rubberized bottom ,which make it very soft ,comfortable, breathable, and excellent wear-resisting.

The glossy patent make it looks bright, conspicuous and natural, at the same time, this skill also make the shoes waterproof, not easily deformed and easy to clean and care.

It is very popular with businessmen, also a perfect match for a wedding.

2.CHAMARIPA – Men Height Increasing Elevator Shoes 2.76” Taller Dress Shoes

This is a classic formal oxford . Like other dress shoes,it looks elegant ,sleek and stylish, so it’s no wonder they’re the best choice for any formal occasion.
Different from other formal shoes,it has its own characteristics ,that is the special color and the distinctive bullock carve , revealing a retro aesthetic .

With an increasing height of 7cm, looking normal as flat shoes but lifting your height invisibly, you will fell more confident and stand out in a business banquet or business party. Everyone will be attracted by your unique taste and personal charm.

3. CHAMARIPA – Men’s Elevator Height Increasing Shoes – Black Light Weight Sneakers – Taller 2.76 Inches

This model is a low-top elevator sneaker with 7cm increasing height. This is the most common design when it comes to men’s sneakers. The most outstanding feature of this shoe is the use of ultra-light material as out-sole.   Floatride Foam technology provides soft and lightweight cushioning for a responsive feel, Out-sole tread rubber is engineered with a ripple design to provide consistent ground contact for a smooth transition from heel to toe,even this sneaker with hidden heel lift, keep you comfortable. What’s more, the mesh lining and elastic cloth upper make it super breathable and flexible while running or doing sports. You will know what is walk as if on wings when you wear this sneaker.

4.CHAMARIPA – Elevator Shoes Mens Breathable Leather Sneakers Skate Shoes White Green – 2.36 inches Taller

This is a street-style daily casual elevator shoes with 6cm height. Full-grain cow leather upper features a smooth and polished finish. The rubber out-sole makes it wear-resistant and lightweight .Full-length soft hidden increasing layer is custom fit for your foot shape and comfortable enough to be worn all day. Cotton lace is firm ,durable and good looking.

The design is simple but will never out of date. It is always the favorite footwear for young people and school students because it is an all-match style shoes.

You can get a picture of elevator shoes from the above 5 models. There are many other styles like hiking shoes, skate shoes, sandals and boots and you can find more in their website.

Elevator shoes is playing an important role in our lives , for some people, they just use them because they help them fit in with the rest of the world; some guys just use them for their wedding, as their bride is wearing high heels and they want everything perfect for the photo. Some use it to get noticed at the bar. I think a lot of guys use them because it helps them further their career. is always committed to make the buyer’s work and life simpler, safer, more convenient, more interesting and more efficient . elevator shoes, you deserve it .

5.CHAMARIPA – Men’s Oxford Leather Height Increasing Elevator Shoes 3.15” Taller


  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Material:Genuine Cow Leather Upper Material;Rubber sole & Soft Padded Leather Insole.
  • Build Confidence:The WHOLE Insole Elevator Layer conforms to the arch foot,Extra Comfortable and Durable shoes;Help people gain confidence by increasing their height.
  • Design: Classic simplified European design, create an unparalleled sense of fashion only using the simple version, suitable for daily business, banquets and so on.
  • Natural Rubber: We only choose premium natural rubber for outsole, flexible and high wear-resistant, without pungent odor of inferior rubber.
  • Shipment: The SKU Fullfilled by merchant is shipped via DHL.

6.Toto – Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes – Dark Brown Leather open-toe Sandals

It is a slip on business casual shoes with a 7cm height ,suitable for driving, outdoor business activities and any smart casual occasion in Summer.

The “Hollow out” design on the leather upper make it super breathable and comfortable to wear in hot summer. The style usually has an elastic upper so that it is easy for the foot to slide right in and out as needed. This elastic upper also offers a snug fit so you have a comfortable time walking in the slip on shoes.

7.CALDEN – Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes – Black Leather Slip-on Wing-tip Chelsea Boots


  • Rubber sole
  • This shoe tends to run slightly large, if you normally wear a 8 then get a 7.5. Recommended to order half size down.
  • Convenient Slip-on. Side stretch elastic. Wing-tip ankle boot.
  • Weight: 18 oz. *Based on 7.5 US. Actual weight varies.*
  • Elegantly stitched for extra durability and style.
  • Boots Style height increasing footwear.

8.CALTO – Height Increasing Elevator Shoes 3 Inches Taller


  • Sharp toe Lace Up. Faux crocodile accent details. Classic yet fashionable.
  • Also available in Black & Cognac.
  • Extremely discrete fashion oxfords.
  • Notice the difference. Feel the confidence. Enjoy the compliments!
  • Weight: 18 oz.  *Based on 7.5 US.  Actual weight varies.*
  • Heel height: 1 1/4″.  Shaft height: 5″.
  • Elegantly stitched for extra durability and style. 
  • Dress style height increasing footwear. 
  • Durable built-in inner sole provides elevation while allowing adequate room for your foot.
  • Get the height that you want unobtrusively.
  • Full grain high quality leather upper.
  • Rubberized bottom sole.
  • Stylish & Comfort
  • Quality meets comfort.

9.CALDEN – Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes – Black Leather Lace-up Dress Formal Ankle Boots


  • Rubber sole
  • Ankle boot. Stitched toe. Cloth inner lining.
  • Weight: 19 oz. *Based on 7.5 US. Actual weight varies.*
  • Heel height: 1 1/2″. Shaft height: 5 3/4″.
  • Elegantly stitched for extra durability and style.
  • Boots Style height increasing footwear.

Customer Reviews:

Bythenumbers says:Very nice looking! I do not like the tab in the back because the pants tend to stay tucked on it, but they look great and are very comfortable. I just decided to adjust the pants when they get tucked. The shoes look formal and nobody will realize that the shoes are making you taller.

Bryan Trujillo says:

Does the job well. Gives a good height boost and not much more difficult to walk around in than regular dress shoes. I have somewhat wide feet so they are a bit tight, but that’s the same for most shoes on me – I just really wish they made these in E width.The biggest knock against them is that the inside lift isnt super firm, so after having worn them for a few weeks, it flattens out a bit. This can be mostly remedied by using a good gel insert, though it loses a bit of the “shape” to the feeling of the inside. I still wear them on a regular basis though.

10.CALDEN – Men’s Invisible Height Increasing Elevator Shoes – Black Leather Cap-toe Lace-up Dress Oxford 


  • Rubber sole
  • Brogue accent details. Goodyear welt stitching. Two-tone smooth & pebble grain leather. Cap-toe.
  • Weight: 15 oz. *Based on 7.5 US. Actual weight varies.*
  • Heel height: 1″. Shaft height: 5″.
  • Finely stitched for extra durability and style.
  • Dress formal heightening footwear.

Customer Reviews:

Steven Oliveira says:Love everything about this show!! Great looking shoe as well as comfortable! I’m definitely considering getting a different color. I would definitely recommend getting it 1/2 inch larger. Very happy..definitely makes me feel more confident for what ever reason. Amazing what an extra 2 inches do.
Samuel T says:This is the best shoes for style and comfortable. I wear this shoe all day long for school and work. They look good in any clothing style that I choose to wear that day.


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