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Top 7 Tips on How to Curl Your Eyelashes Like A Pro

I grew up having long and thick eyelashes. It made my eyes look bigger and brighter as the hair cascade on my upper lids and make it look like I put on eyeliner. This, however, is not the case all the time. Since my eyelashes naturally grow downward, I resulted to finding the right eyelash curler to curl it the right (and upward) way. I started trying different products that will fit well with the shape of my eyes, and once I found it I never looked back.

Before we take you to the list of best eyelash curlers you can purchase right now, here are important facts and steps if you want to learn to know how to curl eyelashes. Here are the seven easy steps on how to curl your eyelashes like a pro.


7 Tips on How to Curl Your Eyelashes

Tip 1: If you want to include eyelash curlers in your regular routine, you need to equip yourself with a product that can last for a longer time. We suggest buying a metal eyelash curler than plastic because they are sturdier than latter.


Tip 2: Just for hygiene purposes, you need to change the pads of your eyelash curler at least every two months. The reason behind this is to avoid dirt caused by the environment and pollution to accumulate on the said pads, and will soon irritate your lovely eyes.


Tip 3: After that, you first have to remove all the makeup on your eyes as well as the dirt on the eyelash curler you are using. This is to prevent bacteria from spreading on your eyes that causes discomfort, infection, and irritation.


Tip 4: Professional makeup artists suggest heating your eyelash curler for not more than three seconds. Since eyelashes are hair, you need to treat it the same way as your lustrous hair when you flat iron it. Try heating it using a blow dryer. While this is optional, the heat can actually help the eyelash curler achieve the optimal effect for your eyelashes. Did anyone say curls for days?


Tip 5: Curling your eyelashes is actually quite easy to do. You just need to be gentle enough not to accidentally remove your eyelashes because you were pressing on too hard. Hold it for a minimum of 10 seconds and 30 seconds at a maximum. Remember to always keep your eyes half-opened when you are on the process of curling your lashes.


Tip 6: Put on the mascara to hold the curl.


Tip 7: Lastly, you do not have to curler your bottom lashes.



Now that you know the how-to’s of the art of curling your eyelashes, we think it is time to indulge you with some of the best eyelash curler options available in the market right now.

Not all eyelash curlers are created the same. Some are meant to be used by women who have small eyes while other products are meant for doe eyes. This is something you shouldn’t worry about because we are all created unique and the hot beauty brands right now sell a wide variety of eyelash curler to cater to you. This includes the widely known Shu Uemura eyelash curler as well as other brands to take care of your lashes. But how to choose the right eyelash curler for you? Here’s a list of eyelash curler reviews so you can choose what’s best for you and some last minute tips.



5 Best Eyelash Curler Reviews




Long & Luscious Eyelash Curler with Built-in Comb Attachment

Wonderful eyelash curler with built-in comb that helps separate your lashes smoothly. And since the comb is designed to only touch lashes, it can create a perfect curl shape without overlap or twist in different directions. The quality is of top level because the metal parts are made of carbon steel material, which gives it a long life span. It has a spring-loaded hinge to ensure the suitable amount of pressure onto eyelashes. The handles are considerately designed for easy use and storage. The whole package also comes with a silicone pad and 2 bonus silicone pads for replacement.

Long & Luscious Eyelash Curler












KIPOZI Eyelash Curler-Pro Lash Curler

The KIPOZI eyelash curler comes with a soft silicone refill inside the curler, and offers 4 free pads for replacement. It is one of the best eyelash curlers in the market that can help you create perfect eyelash curls without pinching, crimping, or pulling. Whether you have small eyes or big eyes, the adjustable ergonomic shape and wide curved angle can fit them well for maximum effect curling.

KIPOZI Eyelash Curler-Pro Lash Curler













Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler

If you want to create voluminously curled lashes, then this curler is worth your investment. No tugging, no pulling, and no broken lashes! Made with certified quality stainless steel frame, the eyelash curler can last for very long. It is designed to fit various eye shapes and sizes. With all above advantages, no wonder it gains thousands of customer reviews.

Brilliant Beauty Eyelash Curler













JAPONESQUE Go Curl Eyelash Curler

This is a plastic made full eyelash curler that comes with a compact open cage. With its rounded-shape silicone rubber pad, the curler can create deep sweeping lashes that can last for a long time. It is the perfect tool for eyelash makeup on travel. Buy the curler and you will get extra lash pad replacements for free.

JAPONESQUE Go Curl Eyelash Curler













Kaasage Eyelash Curler with Advanced Silicone Pressure Pad 

Just like what I mentioned at the beginning, it is very important to buy a eyelash curler that fits your eye shape and size. And this curler is the one to free you out from that problem because it fits all eye shapes and sizes. Also, it provides 5 quality silicone pads for replacement.

Kaasage Eyelash Curler with Advanced Silicone Pressure Pad











How to Choose the Right Eyelash Curler?

  1. Before buying you need to do your research. It is actually important to have a critical eye before investing in any product not just for beauty. Being ignorant of what you really need because you are too lazy to do your research is a bad habit. You need to make sure you cover all your bases before deciding on what you really want and need.


  1. You need to look for a product that covers your entire eyelashes. If you just buy a random eyelash curler that cannot cover all the hair, there will be strands that won’t curl and it will look awkward.


  1. The eyelash curler you should buy should match the shape of your eyes. Do not buy a product if it is meant for women with chinky eyes and vice versa for those with big eyes. Beauty brands know their customers well. Buy from stores that cater well to your standards.


  1. Go for eyelashes with a good grip. This is important because you should only go for brands that give you the best comfort and result. It is safe to say we do not want to use products that will give us a hard time. Always think quality comfort above anything else. The grip needs to be firm but not too hard that it will hurt you. You will know if it’s the right eyelash curler!


  1. Before buying, you have to check the pads of the eyelash curler. You need to feel it first and know if they can possibly hurt your sweet lashes. I mean, you do not want to wake up one day with no lashes, right?


  1. We suggest going for an eyelash curler with a good silicone pad. This is to protect your lashes from harm and getting bald. Curlers with poor silicone are usually thin and not cushiony.


  1. Buy an eyelash curler that will make your eyes pop. Always go for the natural effect. If you want a more dramatic look, get yourself an eyelash extension or temporary lashes.


  1. Once you find the right brand and product for you, follow the easy steps stated at the beginning of this review and go glam up before going out!



Final Take

When looking for products to give you the best beauty care, we suggest going to quality over quantity. Beauty is not cheap and you need to invest in the right products that go well with your skin type. It is the same with hair and eyelashes. You can’t just buy a product just because they are famous. A recommendation is good, but research can take you a step further to a more beautiful you.



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