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13 Reasons Why the Shampoo Bar is the Newest Trend in Hair

Did I just say shampoo bar? Yes! This eco-friendly shampoo is made of (mostly) organic products and is considered the new frontier of beauty and hygiene. Gone are the days when shampoos are bought in a plastic container and are made of sticky liquid. Shampoo bars are just like your regular shampoo but environment-friendly and aromatic because they are made from different essential oil and organic products that come from our beloved Mother Nature.

Some of the best shampoo bars come from globally known beauty brands, one of which is heavy-favored lush shampoo bars used by stars and style icons alike. As of the moment, more and more companies got their hands wet and dirty in making their own versions of this beauty phenomenon.


13 Reasons Why You Should Try Shampoo Bars



Shampoo bars are made from natural products such as rosemary, cinnamon, grapefruit, and seaweed. Each product help aide your problems in the scalp and hair. Most of all, they smell like you are part of nature’s wonder! They smell so glorious, you would want another hour in the shower expect you need to attend to your daily errands.
*Solid Bar Shampoo Soap
Grapefruit, Rosemary, and Lavender. Mild Natural and Organic Ingredients. Sulfate-Free. Gentle Scalp + Hair Care by The Yellow Bird

Solid Bar Shampoo Soap









*Shampoo & Condition Bars

Includes 2 Shampoo Bars + 1 Conditioner Bar + 2 Travel Containers. All Natural, Safe for Color Treated Hair, SLS Free by Sweet & Sassy

Shampoo & Condition Bars for hair





*Eco-Friendly, Hair Sampler 5 ea by Ethique

Cruelty Free, Eco-Friendly, TSA Friendly, and Compostable

Eco-Friendly, Hair Sampler 5 ea by Ethique










Just like any other lush shampoo bars, other alternative brands also prevent you from experiencing hair loss and other hair damage.

*Frcolor Solid Bar Shampoo Soap  Hair Growth Soap Bar 

Solid Bar Shampoo Soap, Frcolor Bath Bar Soap Hair Growth Soap Bar












Shampoo bars can last more than your regular shampoo because they are contained strategically. Imagine how many showers you can take in a day and save a lot of time going to the nearest grocery store once your shampoo bottle is empty.

*Lush bar shampoo by LUSH Cosmetics

Lush bar shampoo









*Healthy Hair Starter Kit | 4 Sample Shampoo Bars

Honey Silk Conditioner Bar with Apple Silk Clarifying Rinse by Beauty and the Bees Tasmania

Shampoo Bars - Honey Silk Conditioner Bar









Since shampoo bars last longer compared to a regular shampoo, you can actually save more money. Taking care of your hair is important, so that means investing in quality products (most of which have a high price range). A shampoo bar can be bought at a starting price of $6. That’s a lot you can save compared to weekly or monthly shampoo shopping.

*55g Shampoo Bar and Conditioner

Plant Essential Oil 100% Natural Handmade Organic Seaweed Soap Bar for Dry, Oily Hair Moisturising by Zhengpin

Zhengpin 55g Shampoo and Conditioner









*Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Tonic Clarifying SHAMPOO BAR 

Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Tonic Clarifying SHAMPOO BAR












Shampoo bars are made from essential oils such as lavender. Did you know that lavender can help you sleep better? Lavender essential oil has a soothing and calming quality that will also relieve you from stress.

*Organic Conditioning Shampoo by Très Spa | Solid Shampoo Bar | 100% Natural | Vegan-Friendly | Eco-Friendly (Lavender Chamomile) by Très Spa

Organic Conditioning Shampoo by Très Spa









*Natural Bar Soap certified organic (Rosemary Lavender Shampoo Bar) by AAAmercantile

Natural Bar Soap













They can save our ozone layer. Trying shampoo bars is a stepladder to a plastic-free life. They’re just like the recent no plastic straw movement: a life with less plastic means saving our environment, the ocean where most of the plastic is thrown, and sea creatures!

*Shampoo Bar & Conditioning Bar, Peppermint: Rich lather, Pure oils, Limited Ingredients by Whiff Botanicals

Shampoo Bar & Conditioning Bar









*Natural Shampoo Bar Lavender & Geranium 95g by Friendly Soap

Natural Shampoo Bar Lavender & Geranium










You can put them on your hand carry baggage when you travel. Most shampoo brands package their products more than 100ml and these shampoo bars are advertised in grams or ounces. One great thing about this product is how they save you from thinking about your hand-carry baggage and the stress of packing light because they’re not big, so you won’t have to consider if your container is less than 100ml.

*Cedarwood & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar Soap by Purple Prairie

Cedarwood & Tea Tree Shampoo Bar Soap













They smell so good you wouldn’t want anything less for your hair. Smelling good is always important for people. I mean, no one wants to go out smelling like greasy bacon.





A shampoo bar will not take much space in your bathroom closet because they’re tiny like bar soaps.





They come in different colors. I want to take a bath with a spectrum of colors. It helps me have the energy to wake every day knowing I will smell like a delicate flower once I go to the office.

*Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar, Damage Control 3.88 oz by Ethique

Eco-Friendly Solid Shampoo Bar









They’re beautiful to look at. Each shampoo bar is designed based on the essential oil and other natural products used.





They can be bought online. This means you are just a click away and are ready to be delivered in front of your doorstep.





A case on point, shampoo bars is great for your hair. The smell, the natural products, and everything that is good is all covered in one shampoo.



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