how to wear lace front wigs

Black Lace Front Wig – The Fabulous Wig Style For You

Why do so many women love lace front wigs? Because lace fronts are designed to make your hairline look more natural. Unlike wig-cap wigs, a part can look very realistic on a lace front. It gives you more versatility on a regular wig.

Lace front wig is constructed with lace only in the front of the wig and the rest of the wig is constructed with a regular netted wig cap or other materials such as thin-skin. You will not be able to wear a front lace wig in high up dos or ponytails. But you can let your hair hanging loose.

There are multiple colors to choose: black, blond, white, brown, etc. Today we’d like to recommend you the black lace front wig.  These type of wigs in any state can be very fascinating. Whether it’s silky, straight and draping or kinky, wild, or something in between.

For example, the straight black lace front wig with bangs looks retro. The days when people were hesitant to try it out thinking it was out of fashion are gone. Like I said, this thick full face bang works well for those who have long face as it cuts the length of the face. It has blunt ends and its black color makes it a perfect choice for any one in African American or Asian skin. Always brush it gently because such a long wig can easily get tangled.


Synthetic Long Curly Black Lace Front Wig

long curly black lace front wig


Synthetic Long Natural Wavy Black Lace Front Wig

long natural wavy black front lace wig


Synthetic Short Body Wave Lace Front Wig

short body wave black lace front wig



How to apply a black lace front wig correctly?

If you apply it in a wrong way, it can damage your hair. So let’s learn how to wear a lace front wigs for black women without damage by following these tips.

1. Secure your hair

Braid longer lengths to your scalp to create a flat surface. If your hair is short, you can wrap it. Make sure all of your own hair is secured before applying any adhesive.

2. Use the right adhesive

There are glues made specifically for securing lace fronts. Before you wear a wig for the first time, do a skin test to find out whether you’re allergic to the glue or not. If you change brands of glue, do a skin test with each new glue. If you plan to swim with your wig, you’ll need a waterproof adhesive.

3. Take care of your own hair

For long-term wearing, it needs routine care so that your hair doesn’t look dry. After cleansing your hair and scalp, thoroughly dry your tresses with a hood or hair dryer if necessary. Allowing your scalp to remain moist underneath your wig is not good for your scalp.


Following above steps right, you will have the black lace front wig on your hair comfortably while adding extra charm to your appearance.


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