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Top 6 Curling Irons Tips to Achieve Different Wavy Hairstyles

Growing up with straight hair, I’ve always imagined how I would look like with curly hair. So when the curling iron was invented, I could not contain the joy of having to live that said imagination. The first time I tried was not successful. I didn’t know what to do or how to do it. It was then when I actually

got myself a perm just so I won’t feel the stress of using curling irons anymore. Suddenly, I grew tired of having curly hair and decided to go back to my original straight hair, and yet there are days when I feel like I had the need to become wavy again. That was when I was in the middle of a long road of confusion until I found 6 ways to maximize styling with curling irons with some of the best curling iron available on the market today!


Alternative ways on how to curl your hair

Before we proceed, you must first get the proper knowledge with the tools needed for curling your hair. Before curling irons were invented, there were curling rods. These were big in the eighties use for hair perm treatment. After came curling irons for temporary waves, until the emergence of digital perm treatment, the advanced process of curling hair. But did you know you can actually do these with the fear of permanence and without curling irons?


How to curl your hair without a curling iron?

Of course, you can! The alternative is a flat iron. This, however, is a bit tricky when you’re not sold to the possibility of burning your skin. The best way on how to curl your hair with a flat iron is to first purchase gloves made of fleece or cloth. Whatever happens, do not use plastic or risk the possibility of the first-degree burn. The process of curling your hair with a flat iron is different and the same time similar to curling irons. Do it with dry hair and rotate the heated flat iron slowly to a downward and curled direction. Finish it with hairspray so the curls your made get stiff.




HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat IronĀ 

flat iron












Curling iron reviews: The best curling irons in the market



Tip 1

Best curling wand for traveling

As a wise traveler, I always purchase things that both come in big and small packages. For example, I always buy a mini canister where I put my skincare essentials. This also goes for curling irons. The best way to smart packers is to buy a curling wand that won’t take too much space in your luggage to make room for clothes. Mini curling irons work wonders and can create an ombre and gradient effect on your hair locks that goes from big to small waves or the other way around. This is one of the best curling wands out there in the market right now and is a great alternative to the usual big rods you usually use at home. This way, you can look great and be a wise packer all at once!

* Xtava Twirl 0.5 to 1 Inch Curling Wand

Xtava Twirl 0.5 to 1 Inch Curling Wand













Tip 2

Best hair curling iron that heats well

Hair experts suggest waiting until the hair curler heats up to its peak before using it. This is to assure the quality of curls you make and buy you less time to actually redo everything because you were too eager to curl it even though the temperature isn’t right. While waiting for the curling iron to heat, why don’t you revisit your closet and ensure your outfit is on feel, then go back to fixing your hair once it’s all prepped and ready for waving.

* Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron

Herstyler Baby Curls Mini Curling Iron













Tip 3

Best hair curlers for long and thick hair

You should always be in search for the best curling iron for long hair. Your locks are your jeweled crown and you should only use what suits best for you. If you have long and thick hair, it will actually take more time to make it wavy as you please. If you feel like transforming into a supermodel as we see them in their “bed hair and still fabulous” do, go for curling irons that can do multiple things! That’s hitting at least four birds in one stone, so to speak!

* Anjou Curling Iron 1.25 inch with Tourmaline Ceramic Coating

Anjou Curling Iron 1.25 inch with Tourmaline Ceramic Coating













Tip 4

Size matters for hair curling iron

Some of the branded top curling irons are available in different sizes and styles. Be sure you always check what these good curling irons can do to your hair before you decide to buy them. Nothing beats a smart buyer. Check the label, try it on if you can, and always know what these babies can offer. Hair curling irons are just like curling rods, they come in varied forms for different types of hairstyles you wish to achieve.

Since my younger days, I always like to try beach waves because they look nonchalant, and yet they make the most impact due to its simplicity and no-nonsense attitude. Maybe you are not so sure how to curl your hair, but if you want to try the Goldilocks curls, buy a curling iron with a bigger sized rod to accomplish it. You can try different types of waves as you please if you know the right curling iron to use. Nevertheless, this curling iron set with 5 types will surely cater to your various needs.

* xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Wand and Curling Iron Set

xtava 5 in 1 Professional Curling Wand and Curling Iron Set













Tip 5

Wash your hair at night, then just curl it in the morning

Some experts suggest not putting shampoo before setting the hair. Some chemicals do not react well it with heat that’s why the curls will wash away faster than lightning.





Tip 6

After curling your hair, do not forget to set it

One common mistake of women who use curling irons is their inability to set their hair. Since curling irons are temporary fixtures, you will need to use a hairspray with a stronghold and natural finish so your hair will stay curly as long as it can. Do not miss this step or all your efforts will be for nothing. I had a friend who curled her hair for more than an hour and skipped this part, then after 30 minutes, all her efforts were for nothing.




Bottom Line

There are a lot more things deserve your attention on how to curl your hair. What mentioned above are tips based on my own experience in curling hair, and I hope they are useful to you. And wish you have wonderfully beautiful curly hair.



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