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Top 6 Nail Stickers to Try for At-home Manicure

Nail art has gone through miles since red nails were still considered daring. Today, fashion savants have been somewhat encouraging women to take a leap of faith and get themselves glammed up with ornamental designs printed on their nails with the best nail stickers they can think of. With thousands of design available in beauty department stores and online all ready for sticking, it is hard to tell which ones we really like. Aside from that factor, there’s also this thing called work and we simply can’t do much with our nails and to go to our favorite place of nirvana: the nail spa. Fear no more, because we will take you to a place where comfort is always a priority and give you the details on how to do manicure at home the best and easiest way possible to complement your busy schedules.


What you need to do at-home manicure – 6 Steps

While doing your manicure at home may seem like another task, it is empirical to maintain clean and healthy nails. Getting it done is easy once you are equipped with the proper tools to start making nail magic! We have gathered six simple steps to make manicuring a hobby for you while binging on a new Netflix show or any television show you are currently hooked on. Here are the top 6 best ways how to do manicure at home:



Step 1

Clipping and filing your nails neatly

how to do manicure at home step 1: clipping

Always keep in mind that you are not on the playground anymore and you simply do not have the excuse why your nails are not presentable. You would not want to be seen with dirty nails. They’re unattractive and a major turnoff when you go to a date or even shake hands with your boss. Make sure you are equipped with a nail cutter then file them away in one direction. You may opt for French nails (square) or the usual oval shaped.




Step 2

how to do manicure at home step 2: remove old polishGet rid of the past with nail polish remover

You cannot coat an old one with a new one. That’s unacceptable and no one wants to be a rebound. Taking care of your nails is actually easy when you have polish remover to get rid of the past, so to speak.




Step 3

how to do manicure at home step 3: soften your cuticlesSoften your cuticles

With a pusher and nail lotion, your weeklong traumatic-looking nail can get the ultimate makeover. Remove excess cuticles with a cuticle stick and maintain your nails looking brand new.





Step 4

how to do manicure at home step 1: remove old polishTo Soften is to exfoliate

Take care of your hands the way you care for your entire body. Exfoliate once in a while, especially when in the process of doing a home manicure. This is important to keep your hands soft because who knows who you will be holding hands in the future. Preparation is everything.




Step 5

how to do manicure at home step 5: apply base coatApply the first coat

We suggest you apply a colorless nail polish coat to hold what’s in store for you in step six. It is advisable to apply a base coat to keep your nails hydrated and to protect your nails from getting damaged.




Step 6

how to do manicure at home step 6: apply nail stickersTry it with nail polish stickers

Are you the type of woman who simply does not have the time and energy to go to a nail shop? Don’t worry because you are not alone with this one. Every little thing – in this case, your nails – can be resolved with has a simple solution and that’s nail polish stickers.


They’re the simplest and easiest type of nail polish you can put temporarily on your virgin nails when you are always on-the-go and do not have the “me time” you actually deserve. They come in different designs and patterns, while there are also plain nail stickers available if you are not the type who like baroque ornaments stamping your nails.


Top 6 styles to consider with stick on nail polish:

Style 1: But we suggest you try these nail appliqués with cute crystals and place it in your pointing finger while keeping the rest sleek and polished with a nude color.

Style 2: More is more has been making a real comeback in fashion and there’s nothing more playful than nails with detailed prints on it. We suggest pompous patterns if you are the type who dresses with only three colors in mind: black, white, and gray. Not everyone can keep up with all the trends in fashion and some of us, including myself, likes to keep my style polished and sleek. A white shift dress can make a lot of impact with manicured nails in deliberate nail art.

Style 3: Keep it girly and flirty with cute characters painted on your nails. With a variety of nail polish strips available online, it is easy to choose from pink bows or stars. Just keep in mind playful is fun and you do not want to go overboard with a splash of boredom. Maintain a positive life by adding splashes of color and prints on your nails and the sky is the limit when choosing the nail sticker you want.

Style 4: The Eighties is also making a major comeback. When I think of that wonderful era in fashion, I always imagine women in shoulder pads and lots of glitters! While glitter nail polish is not a new idea in nail art, it is still a viable style you can get your hands dirty in! I mean, we want you to have clean nails, but glitters are so great and fun, you do not want to miss out a night looking like Diana Ross!

Style 5: If prints and glitter aren’t your things, there’s still solid colors that you can try. Go for bold colors if you want to stand out or keep it sleek with nude colors. Nail stickers are so in right now, that it caters to the need of different women who have unique styles!

Style 6: Another trick to make nail polish your thing is to mix different prints and colors into one look. Designing your nails is like styling yourself, you know what you want and you have to be brave with your sartorial choices.


5 Hot Selling Nail Stickers to Try for At-home Manicure




MAKARTT 3D Nail Art Stickers Tip Mix Color Flower Decal Decoration

MAKARTT 3D Nail Art Stickers Tip Mix Color Flower Decal Decoration












Tinksky 3D Design Self-adhesive Tip Nail Art Stickers Decals

Tinksky 3D Design Self-adhesive Tip Nail Art Stickers Decals












BTArtbox Mixed Color Reflective Mirror Design Glass Piece Broken Nail Sheet

BTArtbox Mixed Color Reflective Mirror Design Glass Piece Broken Nail Sheet












RUIMIO 3D Nail Art Stencils Design Nail Sticker Decals

RUIMIO 3D Nail Art Stencils Design Nail Sticker Decals












Bluezoo Van Gogh’s Starry Night Full Nail Art Sticker

Bluezoo Van Gogh's Starry Night Full Nail Art Sticker








Bottom Line

If you did not know how to do manicure at home before, this at-home manicure guide should be very useful for you. And if you have any other tips or suggestions, please let us know.


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