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Three Procedures to Wear Hair Weave Extensions on Your Own

Hair weave extensions enable girls to change their short hair into long hair immediately. For girls with short hair, hair extensions offer them a simple and quick way to have long fluttering hair. And thanks to that, girls don’t need to wait a long time for hair to grow longer. So how to create nice long hair by using hair extensions by yourself?

Here we will talk about selecting and wearing extensions in three procedures.

Procedure 1. Select the most suitable extensions

Before you start to put in extensions, you are supposed to choose which type of hair extensions you need.

There are two different textures of hair weave extensions. One is synthetic hair extensions, and the other one is human hair extension. Synthetic hair extensions are cheaper than human hair, but they can’t be re-styled. Human hair, especially virgin hair, is expensive and it can be styled in different types including braiding and perming.

As costly hair weave extensions, virgin hair is cut with cuticle going in the same direction and in its natural state. It adds no chemicals and comes from any race, usually from Brazilian, Malaysian and Indian. Hair from different ethnicity will have distinct textures, volume, curl and abilities to be re-styled. So this should be considered when you select weave extensions.

Procedure 2. Wash your hair

You need to wash your natural hair in order to make sure it is clean and smooth. After washing, you need to dry your hair completely by using a blow dryer and then comb it.

Procedure 3. Sewing extension in your hair

You need to prepare special needles and threads which can be used in sewing hair weave extensions.

Step 1. Cornrow your natural hair from the hairline to your back of head in rows. Usually, the number of cornrow braids can’t be less than eight.

Step 2. Make sure you secure the ends of braids.

Step 3. Attach extensions to cornrow by using needles and threads. Comb the extensions after sewing.

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 until extensions are sewed in all the cornrows and your head is full of hair.

There are numerous methods to wear hair extensions, such as sewing, bonding and clipping. Compare with bonding or clipping extensions, sewing extensions can be maintained for a longer time.

In addition, Both wigs and hair extensions can be added in volume and length. But hair extensions provide more natural looks. So if you long for having flowing hair, hair extension will be a good choice.



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