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Top 10 Irresistible Hair Extensions Before And After

We know we aren’t the only ones who browse the fashion and obsessively check all the social media accounts to see what our favourite celebrities are up to. We may care slightly about who they’re dating or what role they’re playing, but the main thing we’re concerned about is their hair length. Just as soon as we get used to seeing them one way, they surprise and sometimes even shock us with a bold and dramatic new hairstyle. One thing we are particularly noticing is the length of their hair. Let’s take a look at one of our favourite celebrities with hair extensions before and after.


Celebrity Hair Extensions Before and After




celebrities with hair extensions before and after - kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Long, short, blonde, brunette, straight, curly, braided – Kim Kardashian’s hair has gone through every kind of style, colour and treatment imaginable over the years. Love her or hate her, no one can deny that she has an incredible hair behind her. With her huge team of hair stylists at her beck and call, it’s not at all surprising that she looks flawless at every public appearance and in every selfie. We really admire her for giving her hair a break from the permanent hair extensions and sporting a more natural look these days. And also for being so honest with her fans about her use of hair extensions before and after.

Remember, clip-in hair extensions for thin hair before and after will allow you to rock long hair on your dates out, and enable you to give your hair a rest at bedtime and not damage your hair in the way ones do.

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kim kardashian long straight hair wig extensions












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - ariana grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande used to appear with her perma half-up half-down hair, but she has also turned it to a thick and long ponytail. You may wonder how and when her hair grow so long in a short time since her last presence in an event. Looking so natural and real, you would not believe that she is wearing a hair extension.

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ariana grande Claw Clip in Ponytail Hair Extension












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner

Focuses for Kylie Jenner are her lip cosmetic line and the constantly changing hairstyles. She has showed up with various styles, colors, and length of hair extensions: long black straight, long black wave, platinum blonde bob, short curly bob, mint green ombre, etc.

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kylie jenner mint green hair extensions












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - selena gomez

Selena Gomez

Looking Selena’s various looks with hair extensions before and after, you can tell how much she loves wearing hair extensions. You may have seen her natural lob cut but most of time, her different styles with hair extensions. And her favorite one for the red carpet should be the long waves.

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selena gomez long waves hair extensions












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - beyonce


Despite of her roles of a singer, dancer, actress or a wife, or a mother, Beyonce shows the world a flawless image. She also has a variety of wigs that give her different styles for different occasions. Among her many clip in hair extensions, the featured pixie cut style just shows her independence and capability. But she has been seen quite often with different long blond curly extensions.

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beyonce hair extensions - curly lace front wig












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - rihanna


Common loose shoulder length curls had been the typical hairstyle Rihanna showed us. Yet she rocked the world by wearing various hairstlyes, though some of which did bring her controversial topics. But she then seems to find a way to make herself look awesome whatever type of hair extensions she wears. From blonde hair to red hair, to pixie cut, to brown and black hair, to silvery grey, or to one shaved side, she has been obsessed with hair wigs and extensions of every kind.

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rihanna hair extensions - long black and brown straight wig










celebrities with hair extensions before and after - jennifer lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence

After watching the celebrities with hair extensions before and after results, I think Jennifer Lawrence has made a big and shocking difference, from her normally long blonde hair to the blonde pixie cut. Of course, she had appeared with many other hairstyles like long wavy locks.

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jennifer lawrence Gradient Bleach Blonde Curly Hair Wig












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - emma stone

Emma Stone

You can easily recognize Emma Stone who has a typically bright red locks. But just like many other celebrities, Emma has tried many hair extensions of different styles, colors, and length. From red to blonde, from long straight to wavy bob. You can also try these extensions to get the feel of Emma and other celebrities.

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emma stone hair extensions - Straight Short Bob Wigs with Side Bangs












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - victoria beckham

Victoria Beckham

The 90s girls’ idol first impressed the public with her shiny dark bob, yet she then had a shorter pixie cut hair. And not long after that, Victoria showed up with super long hair – we know that she was wearing hair extensions. No matter what style she uses, the beautiful and elegant lady can absolutely hold it and lead a trend, just as her husband David Beckham does.

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victoria beckham hair extension long straight












celebrities with hair extensions before and after - zendaya


Zendaya is one of the talented singers and actresses. Young as she might be, she has done a lot of amazing things. From her outlook with hair extensions before and after, we know that she loves to wear wigs. She has many hair extensions such as short pixie cut, waist-length hair, and the mushroom bob.

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zendaya celebrity hair extensions - mushroom bob











How to put in hair extensions before and after

How to put in hair extensions before and after

  1. Part your hair horizontally, low on your skull (roughly around the top of your ears). Secure the top up with an elastic.
  2. Use a comb to tease the hair that’s still down, right at the top along the part. Creating the tease will give your extension clips something to hold on to so that they stay secure.
  3. Grab the largest hair strand you’re going to use. Use the four-clip extension. Make sure all the clips are snapped open.
  4. Line the clips along the part. Start with the center clips and then move outward. Sink the teeth into your teased hair and snap the teeth closed.

Repeat steps 1-4 a little higher up your head, and with the second-largest hair piece you’re going to use. Make sure you still have enough hair left at the top of your head that when you let it down it fully covers the clip parts of the extensions.

Add final touches with the small hair pieces. Add them on the sides of your head, closer to your face, to fill out the front of your hair. And look at you with hair extensions before and after!



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