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How to Dress in Winter – Top 7 Winter Outfit Ideas

The beach parties are starting to lay low and we now rest of summer dresses in exchange for more covered silhouettes. But we just can’t stop showing some skin – specifically our legs – but afraid we will catch a cold in negative degrees weather. This is the time to switch our linen dresses to *winter outfits and start parading our newly purchased coats. But how to dress in winter and still show some skin? The answer: sheer pantyhose. They are more commonly known to be the uniform of flight attendants and women in the corporate world. However, you can actually incorporate this item and include them in your winter fashion ideas. Here are the top 7 winter outfit ideas with nude stockings in mind:



Idea 1

top winter outfit ideas - clash of colors

Clash of colors

Winter is the best time to bring out the dark hues hidden in your closet. I’m talking maroon, orange, dark brown, olive green, and a lot of grays. This is your time to mix clashing colors and make one big splash. Try wearing a printed maroon oversized coat and pair it with a chunky gray cashmere sweater, and a pair of leather skirt. Finish the look with nude stockings and project the idea of braving the storm, snow, or rain without them noticing the pantyhose. Moreover, the more colors you insert in one look, the more impact you create. Try mixing three different colors that are almost unbearable to visualize, yet you found a way to make it look like a million bucks. Add special pieces like a beaded beanie, crossbody bag, and a cool thigh high patent boots.

Clashing of colors is all about the equilibrium of dressing and confident attitude. For example, if you decide to wear big clothes, you have to ensure the rest of your accessories are sleek and polished. Finding the proper balance of styling can be achieved if you know what works best for you before you even inject dozens of trends in a singular look.

* Alice & Belle Women’s Super Thin 20 Den Pantyhose

Alice & Belle Women's Super Thin 20 Den Pantyhose













Idea 2

top winter outfit ideas - Find your skin tone with nude tights

Find your skin tone with nude tights

The best way to go nude is to go all out. One common mistake of women is not knowing the *sheer pantyhose that is right for their skin type. Today, a wide array of nude pantyhose is available in the market, to properly represent the beauty of all skin types. This also goes with underwear. In reality, they would not look nude if you are wearing the wrong color. Truly, why would they call it sheer if it does not blend with your color?

* Hanes Women’s Control Top Sheer Toe Silk Reflections Panty Hose

Hanes Women's Control Top Sheer Toe Silk Reflections Panty Hose













Idea 3

Top winter outfit ideas - Monochromatic visualization

Monochromatic visualization

I’ve always attached myself to anything that’s monochromatic. It’s a vision of minimalism that attracts the most impact. Some of the best winter outfit ideas in the recent fashion trend forecast are big on one color, different shades look. It’s all about different shades of beige or multiple shades of red (including your lipstick) and nothing else. For example, you can go for a classic beige trench coat and complete it with a chocolate suede dress, sheer pantyhose, and killer snakeskin boots, in brown tones, of course!

You may also opt for the common route of an all-black ensemble. Black is the ultimate sultry color. It’s a good representation of the gloomy weather and there’s a certain appeal to women who wear all black. Finish your look with pearls and portray Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

* MERYLURE 40 Den Semi Sheer Pantyhose 

MERYLURE 40 Den Semi Sheer Pantyhose













Idea 4

Top winter outfit ideas - Spring for winter

Spring for winter?

Because why not? We can’t just easily let go of our summer party dresses. They’re flirty and fun. However, make sure you pair it with bright colors to balance everything together. For example, if you want to go out in a Tuscan yellow printed dress, pair it with a green or red coat. Finish your look with a panty hose or sheer tights that accentuates your legs the right way. Go for skin-tight leggings and you’ll be shocked how much better everything becomes.

* No Nonsense Women’s Sheer

No Nonsense Women's Sheer













Idea 5

Top winter fashion ideas - Gray, black, and skin

Gray, black, and skin

The Olsen twins mastered bulking up clothes during their NYU days and up to this day, we still can’t get over it! The look is dynamic and dramatic that your skin is the one that balances everything. In contrast, it’s impossible to brave the winter when you are bare, so sheer tights is the solution to everything. Most stylists suggest balancing everything: if you opt to cover your upper torso, show a little mystery with a mini skirt. I remember Gossip Girl’s Jenny Humphrey who goes out in the most grunge look and still makes it look like she did it on purpose. A leather jacket should be your go-to choice of outerwear and a detailed circle skirt. Keep your hair loose and unfixed. Finish everything with a showcase of sheer *pantyhose legs and a nice pair of suede boots. Nothing says rockstar than a variation of leather in one sartorial look.

* L’eggs Women’s Energy Panty Hose

L'eggs Women's Energy Panty Hose













Idea 6

top winter fashion outfits - Turning up the volume

Turning up the volume

Platforms, vivid explosion of colors, and a lot of partying! Try a sequined dress with a faux fur jacket. Glitter is has been making a huge comeback I recent times and we all welcome it with open arms. In the recent winter style 2018 during New York Fashion Week, designers showcased a wide array of dresses with so much volume that makes sleek and downplayed ensemble a thing of the past. Winter is all about volume to survive the freezing cold. And what better way to do it than with bulking up your look?

* PrettyGuide Sequin Glitter Bodycon Stretchy Dress

PrettyGuide Sequin Glitter Bodycon Stretchy Dress









* Perman Women’s Winter Warm Faux Fur Jacket

Perman Women's Winter Warm Faux Fur Jacket













Idea 7

how to dress in winter - Print over print

Print over print

Stripes and other patterns are a forever staple in fashion. While not everyone is seen in a houndstooth skirt anymore, other patterns started to emerge and we want to put them all on us! Fear it or not, adding patterns in your looks can actually amp up any simple look. What more if you put two or more prints in one look? It may seem like a scary idea but, like what was discussed, fashion is all about finding the right balance and that also goes with the print on print trends. Do not mix big prints with another big print to avoid looking huge. It’s all about contrast and conceptualization.

* GRACE KARIN Boatneck Sleeveless Vintage Tea Dress

GRACE KARIN Boatneck Sleeveless Vintage Tea Dress









Frenchic Fishnet Women’s Lace Stockings Tights Sexy Pantyhose 

Frenchic Fishnet Women's Lace Stockings Tights Sexy Pantyhose












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