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Top 8 Halloween Costumes for Kids and Adults

If there is one holiday that gives me the thrill of waking up early and sleeping after bedtime, it’s Halloween! It’s always that time of the year where kids roam around different neighborhoods for trick or treating with hopes of eating too much sugar that their bodies can’t even handle. Of course, they also have to come up with cool Halloween costumes for girls and scary Halloween costumes for boys that make this holiday an exciting one.

Of course, Halloween is not just for kids. There are also adults who spend days or weeks of preparation to look their best on the 31st of October and whether they make a case of Heidi Klum (queen of Halloween costumes) type of preparation or wing some easy Halloween costumes for adults, what they wear on that night is a form of escapism to their actual realities. Dressing up for Halloween is no easy feat. We have to consider different factors like originality and living up to the character we want to portray. This level of carnivalesque escape is what makes this whole shebang a thrilling spectacle.

The people who are usually wallflowers in their everyday lives blossom into something else on this day. There are also friends who come up group Halloween costumes that look great on photographs from the Scooby Doo gang to a nineties boy band, this holiday is the perfect time to bring out your creativity and let your inner awesome shine through! Here are the top 8 Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids and Adults:


Halloween costumes for kid

Children today are more aware of what they put on their bodies. They have become more conscious and independent with their choices that picking a costume for them have become a task more than ever. If you are the type of parent who let their kids decide on their annual getups, we suggest knowing the recent television shows or movies your children like and pick up the pieces from there. But if your kid is still below the age of six or five, we suggest going for the cute route of animals and action figures. Amazon has a number of these types of costumes ready for shipping and the only thing you have to worry about it is makeup.



Option 1

Farm animals

You can try to put them in a cute cow or pig costume and just add a few accessories from bell leashes to milk cans (for cows) as the Halloween bag.

* Rubie’s Costume Cozy Cow

Rubie's Costume Cozy Cow












Option 2

Creatures of the night

I have always been amazed by the concept of a circus. Performers doing dangerous stunts they have mastered for years in preparation for their big act. Go for a vampire with a silk cape or the bearded lady if you want to exude extravagance.

* California Costumes Child Prince of Darkness

California Costumes Child Prince of Darkness Halloween costumes









California Costumes Victorian Vampira Child Costume

California Costumes Victorian Vampira Child Halloween Costume












Option 3

Cartoon characters

I’ve had the pleasure of dressing up as the Red Ranger from the old Power Rangers franchise and up to this day, even at a considerably mature age, I still hold on to that great memory. Some creative Halloween costume ideas for groups are the Adventure Time characters, the original Powerpuff Girls, Pokemon gym leaders, and the whole Toy Story gang. Children have play dates and it is a great idea to consult with the other parents for a cool collective Halloween costume.

* Forum Novelties Kids Fleece Bunny Rabbit Costume

Forum Novelties Kids Fleece Bunny Rabbit Costume











DIY Halloween costumes

Adults can be more creative and even show more skin for Halloween. Being flirty on this day have become acceptable since Regina George from the movie Mean Girls came in their party city Halloween costumes dressed in a bunny lingerie. We can’t disregard her posies Gretchen who came in as a cat in a black latex jumpsuit and Karen a mouse, duh, (delivering the most hilarious banter in the movie) in a nightgown.



Option 4

Adults dressed as the Stranger Things gang

This Netflix show has become a Halloween fixture because of its storyline and great cinematography.  Groups can dress as the cast ensemble and you are assured of getting noticed since you can be the coolest group in that party.

* Fun World Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Halloween Costumes for Adults

Fun World Rock, Paper, Scissors Group Halloween Costumes for Adults












Option 5

Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and other book turned movie/TV show franchise

Their stories are the tales of our generation. The costumes in all of these shows are elaborate and it is a joy to say Valar morghulis at a stranger and hope for a response. Dressing up as one of the characters in any of these fictional stories can also strike up a great conversation especially if the one you are eyeing that night is also a GoT geek. 




Option 6

Halloween costume ideas for couples

Couples can go with whatever they want, really. After all, their arm candy is what everyone will talk about. But the best couple costumes are a reference from movies like Pretty in Pink, Clueless, Star Wars, and other cult films that are famously worn every Halloween! Just hope you won’t stumble with another couple with the same outfit or at least outshine them!

FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set

FunWorld Peanut Butter And Jelly Set Couple Halloween Costumes











Option 7

Halloween costumes for men

Going stag this Halloween? That’s okay! A drink with your buddies is enough to muster the courage to introduce yourself with a woman who also went to the party alone. Go for a masculine hero who is almost not wearing anything like Hercules or any Tom Cruise action films. They radiate machismo that is perfect if you are after a gaze from the lady you like. Women respond well to men who invest in coming up with cool costumes since it’s a great conversation starter. Who knows if the net drink you’re holding is meant for someone else!  The possibilities are endless.




Option 8

Halloween costumes for women

In reality, women have the power to become who they want to be on Halloween. I have a friend who has a no-pants rule every Halloween and she dressed as a sexy nurse, a Victoria Secret Angel with a pink robe, a Mortal Kombat character, and last year as a Laguna Beach lifeguard. You can go crazy with your Halloween costume as long as you can pull it off!  



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