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The 20 Top Fashion Bloggers to Follow in 2018

Maybe each of you have different opinions or definition of fashion, there is one thing for sure – you can always get something that fits your style. Many would like to stick to their own style of dressing, while on the other hand, others feel good to follow the trends. Trends change quickly, yet there is no need to worry about falling behind if you follow the top fashion bloggers.

If you have talent in fashion, it is great for you to dress as you like and you might make it a popular fashion trend, who knows? But that talent is not blessed to everyone, however, it can be trained and learned. I don’t know if you would be lost at sea while dressing up, just like me before. On one hand, you do not know what to wear; one the other hand, you could mess it up by making it have nothing to do with fashion.

Indeed, there are so many options of clothes, dresses, bags, shoes and other accessories, how can you get them matched and show up in a fashion look? Is keeping an eye on the Paris or Milan fashion show a wise move? No, I don’t think so because you won’t wear those fashion stuffs in your daily life – those are just for shows and they usually cost a lot.

Here, we have a better solution – follow the top fashion bloggers and dress yourself up. There are thousands of fashion bloggers and it is said that a new fashion blog is launched every 1/4 second on our planet. Which to follow then? Below we’ve assembled 20 best fashion bloggers based on research. Just take your time to see if any or some of them could lead your fashion trend.


20 Best Fashion Bloggers for 2018 Fashion Trends


* Hello Fashion

Run by the pretty fashionist Christine Andrew, the Hello Fashion shows fans the stylish wardrobe of her fashion insight. You may also be impressed by her work of the Vanity Fair Best-Dressed List or her feature on Who What Wear.


* Atlantic Pacific

With over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, Blair Eadie has made her blog one of the most famous fashion bloggers on Instagram. If you want to learn about New York street dressing and wedding dressing, just follow Blair and her Atlantic Pacific.


* Girl With Curves

On her blog Girl With Curves, Tanesha Awasthi, one of the most popular plus-size fashion bloggers online, covers not only her unique dressing inspiration, but also style advice as well as makeup tutorials.


* Lust For Life

Chances are, you might have seen Olivia Lopez or her Socal style at Elle, Barneys and Teen Vogue. And she has showed her distinctive understanding in street style ever since she launched her Lust For Life blog in 2006.


* Harper & Harley

With her outstanding cooperation experience with Gucci, Nike, Harper’s Bazzar and Uniqlo, Sara Donaldson has become an expert in minimalism. Learn from her Harper & Harley blog.


* Style Me Grasie

Being a blogger as well as an actress, Grasie Mercedes has been offering inspiration and advice on a wide range of fields including fashion, beauty, travel and home inspo. Get inspired from her Style Me Grasie blog now!

* Monikh

Monikh Dale, a super chic London-based influencer and model, can give you creative ideas on high street clothes and she never stops digging out rising brands. You will see her excellence in her Monikh blog.


* Caro Daur

With 1.2 million Instagram followers, there is no doubt that Caroline Daur is one of the top fashion bloggers. And from her Caro Daur blog, you can feel her versatility in various fashion styles.


* Rachel et Nicole

Very much unlike other classic fashion blogs, Rachel et Nicole of the New York-based sisters gives you a brand new humor style of writing and reviewing.


* Zanita

If you’ve heard about the modeling experience of Zanita Whittington, you would not be surprised that she is one of the best fashion bloggers. Anyway, she is now a professional photographer and star blogger showing her fashion sense on her Zanita blog.


* Wide Eyed Legless

Launched and run by the designer, art director, stylist and consultant – Madelynn Hackwith Furlong, Wide Eyed Legless is a typical minimalist style blog for the modern woman.


* That’s Chic

Speaking of top fashion bloggers, you should never forget Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic. You will have a new understanding or get inspired after you explore her blog.


* Andy Heart

Ann Kim of Andy Heart is another top blogger who has been offering inspiration and advice for the world on today’s popular Minimalist style.


* GabiFresh

Gabi Gregg is great, for her inspiring plus-size women to wear bikinis with confidence. You can see her ideas on her blog GabiFresh. Besides, she is also a designer of swimwear.


* Double3xposure

On her blog Double3xposure, Reese Blutstein is telling her minimalist and vintage-inspired fashion in different ways.

* Lesego Legobane of Thickleeyonce

Lesego Legobane is a South African blogger and photographer. She doesn’t run a typical blog but she is one of the famous fashion bloggers on Instagram( Instagram: @thickleeyonce).


* Man Repeller

You will know Leandra Medine’s influence on fashion if you read what she said: I really see Man Repeller as an attitude and fashion as a language that we use to connect with other women.


* We Wore What

Danielle Bernstein has been doing her great work by offering cool and clean fashion ideas as well as items, which gains her large number of fans. Check her fashion blog We Wore What now.


* One Dapper Street

Marcel Floruss is the German dude who loves fashion and all that goes with it, which you will feel that on his blog One Dapper Street.


* What My Boyfriend Wore

The South African blogger Sergio Ines has made his blog What My Boyfriend Wore a must-follow menswear blog for men longing for fashion.


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