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Types of Hats – Ultimate Guide to Hat Styles & Material & Terms

The history of hats has been long and there are many types of hats. And believe or, that must have confused a lot of people. Besides, there are also many terms of hats. Therefore it’s not surprising that many people are not quite sure which style is which. When you think it is that style, it might actually be another type.

Bearing this in mind, we think it’s necessary to have today’s guide to help you better understand the hat types and styles. In this guide, we will also explain the major terms of hats. And before that, it’s also significant to talk about the uses of hats.

As a fashion pursuer, you must have different kinds of accessories that match with your outfits. Whether you are heading for a party or a date, you won’t forget to dress yourself up with finest clothing and jewelry, then shoes and maybe scarf and your handbag. And a pair of sunglasses is preferred in a sunny day. What we often neglect is a hat. Actually, a hat is more than a shelter that protects you from the sun, it is also an important part of fashion, for both men and women.


Anatomy of a Hat

Knowing the terms of a hat can help you better understand the hat while talking with others. Basically a hat includes an outer side and an inner side, each has different parts:

Outer side: crown shape, crown, hat decoration, hat band, and brim.

Inner side: underbrim, innder band/sweatband, and inner liner.

anatomy of hats


35 Types of Hats


1 Apple Cap

apple cap

The apple cap is just the larger version of a newsboy cap with 6/8-quarter panels that form into a larger, rounder version of the traditional ivy or flat cap. It is finished with a sewn button on top.



2 Akubra

akubra hat

This is an Australian soft felt hat that looks similar to Stetson and fedora but with much wider brim.


3 Ascot Cap

ascot cap

Ascot cap is also called “Cuffley cap” or “Lippincott cap”. It looks like a “flat cap” but differs it in the hard felt and round shape that comes with a small bill.


4 Balaclava


The Balaclava is also known as the “ski mask”. Much unlike other types of hats, the Balaclava Headgear hat covers the whole head and leaving only opening for eyes or the mouth. Imagine the ninja!


5 Baseball Cap

baseball cap

The baseball cap is usually made from cotton or synthetic materials with bill in the front and rounded crown. It is one of the most popular types of hats among the global people – this may be because it features a simple and casual style and is easy to wear and take off.



6 Beanie

beanie hat

Also called Stocking Cap or Watch Cap. It is a knitted close fitting cap that is made of wool or cotton, so it is perfect to keep your head warm in cold winter days. The long stocking cap is also a variant style of beanie, though it has a longer crown.



7 Beret

beret hat

The Beret is a hat style made in round and flat crowned shape. This soft felt cap has the extra material around the edges, which creates a slight “poof” for the hat. The material can be cotton, acrylic fibers, and wool.



8 Big Brim

big brim hat

Big brim is also called the Floppy hats. Just as the name indicates, this type of hat has large brim up to 10 inches and features a simple unformed rounded crown. These hats are usually made of paper-braids or tweed material that is stronger than that of other types of hat; after all, it needs to support the weight of the large brim.


9 Boater

boater hat

The boater, known as skimmer hat, is made of straw with a small to med-sized brim, a shorter crown, a flat top, and a two-tone ribbon around the crown. This hat style looks cool but is only often worn in barbershop quartets, proper boating or sailing events.


10 Boonie Hat

boonie hat

Boonie or Booney hat, is typically made of cotton/twill/polyester/canvas, with a soft wide brim that can be rolled up and easily packed. This type of hat has a flat crown on top, a wide floopy brim, and a chinstrap.


11 Bowler

bowler hat

The bowler hat, or derby hat, is a hard felt hat with a short brim of around 2 inches and a rounded crown on top. This hat style was popular in the 1800’s and the early 1900’s, but can be seldom seen nowadays.



12 Bucket Hat

bucket hat

A simple hat style featuring a symmetrical design with a small down sloping brim. It looks similar to the boonie hat and is usually made with material like polyester and cotton.



13 Cloche Hat

cloche hat

The cloche hats are found made of many different materials including cotton and polyester. This close-fitting bell shaped style has an embellished crown with round top, and a flared bottom. It is one of the most popular types of hats in these years.



14 Duckbill Capduckbill cap

The Duckbill cap might be the hybrid style between an Ivy and an Ascot style cap. And because it has a shape that looks like the bill of a duck, it gets the name.



15 Fascinator Hat

fascinator hat

The fascinator is a headband style hat and is sometimes called a “cocktail hat” that is either worn with a headband or clipped to the hair, which makes it very different from other common types of hats.



16 Fedora Hat

fedora hat

Designed in various crown styles and brim shapes, the Fedora hat can cater to the needs of almost every person. Typically comes with a short to mid-sized brim with an upturn in the back, it has a flexible front that can be either turned up or down easily.



17 Fez

fez hat

The fez is usually a red tapering cylinder shaped hat with a tassel on the top. This type is quite welcome by the public and has become more popular after it showed up in the TV show “Dr. Who”.



18 Gambler Hat

gambler hat

The Gambler hat features a distinguishable large oval shaped crown and a wide brim with either a tight turned up lip or a slight turned up western flair. Usually the gambler hat are made rounded in the middle while at the center it has a light pinch that is similar to an optimo type.



19 Homburg Hat

homburg hat

The homburg hat is also called the Godfather hat due to its presence on Al Pacino in the movie. This oval-shaped hat has a turned up lip around the brim that features curved up sides, though it was first designed to have a center-dent crown.



20 Ivy Caps

ivy cap

The ivy cap or flat cap features a low profile with a slightly rounded top which is found to extend to the hat front and sewn to the bill. The crown are typically matched with the bill though the bills could sticks out a little occasionally. This hat type is usually made of polyester, cotton, wool, etc.



21 Kettle Brim

kettle brim hat

A Kettle brim hat or up brim is specifically made for women. Made in a simple, yet classic look, this type features a symmetrical circular shape, a short to medium-size brim with a half to one-inch upturn at the edges, and a rounded crown. You can always see a ribbon or a bow around the crown, as well as a chinstrap under the brim.



22 Lifeguard Hat

lifeguard hat

Featuring a center-dent crown shape and a wide, flat, or down sloping brim, the lifeguard hat can provide large sun coverage. Yet since the material is mostly straw like raffia, palm fiber, and rush, this hat type is not UPF protective.



23 Mao

mao cap

The Mao, or private or military cap, features a military outlook and has a short brim, and a short crown. If you don’t have a baseball cap, this minimalist hat style can be an alternative option.



24 Newsboy Cap

newsboy cap

The newsboy cap or paperboy cap features a typical style of 6 or 8-quarter panels. And it looks just like the bigger, rounder version of a traditional ivy or flat cap. This type of hat is usually finished with a button at the top while occasionally a snap can be found on the brim.



25 Novelty Hat

novelty hat

Novelty hats are not often seen in daily life because unlike other common types of hats, this style is primarily made for fun and costume. You will understand when you see them or their images, I bet you won’t wear it unless you are going to a costume party.



26 Outback/Aussie Hat

outback hat

The outback hat features a wider brim of about 2.5 inches, and a flatter. Also this type often has a slight upturn on the sides, which adds a “outback” or western feel to it. And that’s why it gets its name. And it is also called “C” crown because of the teardrop on the crown.



27 Panama Hat

panama hat

Being one of the more beautiful and popular hat styles, the Panama hats do not come from Panama but instead, Ecuador. It got is the name because these hats are widely worn during the construction of the Panama Canal. The only factor that defines a Panama is its material – Toquila straw. Therefore, as long as it is made from Toquila straw, it is a Panama hat, regardless of shape and style.



28 Peruvian

peruvian beanie

The Peruvian beanie/cap features typically two tassels hanging off the bottom of the ear flaps on both sides. These caps look similar to the common beanies but differs them with the two large and long ear flaps that add extra warmth.



29 Porkpie Hat

porkpie hat

The porkpie is still one of the most stylish hat types nowadays for fashion This style features a flat-topped oval crown and usually has a small size brim which is called a “stingy brim”.



30 Race Hat

race hat

The race hats or derby hats are the big gorgeous hat styles. These hats are mostly seen at the opening days of the horse races, for which they get the name. This type of hat usually has a large brim with flowery decoration on it. It is one of the popular types of hats for women.



31 Safari Hat

safari hat

The safari hat looks very similar to the pith helmet that are worn by post-office workers. The safari hat gets its name mostly because it features a style of a center dent crown, and a gently downward sloping brim all around.



32 Tam

tam hat

The tam hat is a typically loose fitting and crocheted weave style beanie hat. This style is worn off the back of the head. This is basically a hat style for women, though they are worn by some men with dreadlocks or long hair.



33 Trilby Hat

trilby hat

Look similar to the fedora in shape and style, the trilby hat is usually an exchanged term to fedora. The only difference that defines a trilby from a fedora is its short brim.



34 Visor Hat

visor hat

The visor features a typical simplicity and packing ability. Very much unlike other types of hats, the visor does not have a crown, but it has full brims making it look like donuts. There is also a style of 3/4 brims, leaving a split in the back so women can place long hair without problem.



35 Western or Cowboy

western cowboy hat

The cowboy hat may be one of the most world famous hat styles for this is a typical American icon. These hats are usually made of leather, felt, or straw with large turned-up brims at the sides. The crown can be made into various shape, for example, the pinch crown, teardrop or “C” crown.



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