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What Determines Natural Hair Wigs Price

Women wear wigs for various reasons. Some want to cover their baldness, some like to try a new hairstyle everyday. Women’ s wigs are available in many styles and colors to suit either group of women, from natural human wigs to artificial fantasy and party wigs. A wig is an investment that many women keep for some time, and there are many decisions to be made when thinking which one to purchase, but the choice between synthetic and human hair is one of the most confusing for women. Each type of wig has pros and cons that must be evaluated before a woman makes the right decision.

When a women buying a wig, what factors will she consider? For example, the versatility, hair color, hair material, hair price, etc. We will mainly talk about the natural hair wigs price in the following paragraphs.

The main wigs’ price determinants are: the quality of wigs’ materials(quality human hair wigs, high quality synthetic wigs), hair materials (natural or synthetic, African American, Brazilian, Indian human hair), hair length (human hair long wigs, medium wigs, short wigs), hair color, way of wig producing (hand-tied or mass production), wig’s cap (full lace, lace front, silk top, capless, etc.), brand, construction, hair style (straight, curly, wavy), cap size (average, average-small, average-large, petite, large, petite-average, petitie), heat friendly or not.

The highest are the natural hair wigs price, because natural hair wigs look very natural. The cheapest wigs are synthetic hair wigs for entertainment (Halloween wigs and etc.), they look unnaturally and can be worn for a short time to add atmosphere to the holiday.

Human hair wigs have the most swing and bounce and can be washed and heat-styled just like your own hair. They’ll last several years, so their prices are higher than synthetic ones.

Go for the best-quality wig you can afford. You want one that has natural hair line, one that won’t be difficult to care for, one that doesn’t look like a bad hairpiece. It should fit well on your head, which is why the natural hair wigs price is high.

Since the natural hair wigs price is a bit higher, you may want to take good care of your wig.

Wigs are formed on an open-weave mesh that allows for ventilation. They’re fitted with adjustable tapes along the temple. You can wash them every two weeks, and you can set them with sprays or gels. But don’t try to dry them with a hair dryer or curling iron, use dry towel. Heat can soften the glue. In addition, be careful when you’re cooking, the oil and smoke can damage your hair wig.

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